Crop Factor

For this post I wanted to hit on something that I was hoping we would have already gone over in class and that is our DSLR Crop Factors (Provided you have a DSLR).… Continue reading

Are You?

Originally posted on The Carolinian:
Matthew Johnson Sports Writer You may have seen the posters littered around school campus. You may also have seen some of the rocks on campus painted with the…

Glendale Tragedy

I say tragedy because the fact I brought my camera, but left my battery made the day horrible as well as the bitter cold. Anyways, I traveled with a fellow explorer and went… Continue reading

Shooting Manual (Automatic Lens Vs. Manual)

For this Post, I wanted to talk about using Manual Lenses versus Automatic Lenses. Automatic Lenses: Newer Technology, Accurate Focus, Simpler, Faster and more Convenient. Option for Manual Focus, no tangible control for… Continue reading

Shooting Manual (The Beginning)

Now before coming into this class I had already known all ways to use my camera in manual. It’s funny because I don’t know how to use auto (I do, but being the… Continue reading

My Photos From Down Under… The Land Down Under..Ok, Australia

My Google Images were various Australia Google Maps Pictures that I felt were very interesting.

Midterm Pictures

That projector in our classroom does horrible for color reproduction of our photos. Anyways here’s an upload of my midterm pictures and more.

Hmm..New Portfolio Subject..but for the time being…

Though I haven’t yet presented my pictures of my midterm yet I’ve a’ready decided I might not continue with it and pick something new and I may have quite the idea..and it may… Continue reading

A Short Trip to the Monastery or a Trip to a Short Monastery?

Exposure Fun

I was having a great time taking wonderful pictures with long exposures till i accidentally deleted them all! sooo…ill upload the ones left and just take more!